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So my parents are heavily Mormon and we just recently had a tithing settlement and when they asked me if I had paid my tithing I told them no. They then asked me if I had a plan to fix that and I told them that I worked too hard just to give that money away.

Anyways so afterwards, my mom, who is my account co-owner as I am under 18, decided to take 10% of my bank account out and refuses to give it back.

This isn’t legal right?

*Update: I plan to slowly over the next few days, withdraw the money over time. I will leave some in as to not look suspicious. I will try talking to my mom about paying the 500$ just to keep her on my good side.

*Update 2: Ok now this has gotten ridiculous.

Turns out my dad is sick of my mom overspending so he did two things. He’s stopped paying tithing himself and swapped my moms credit card for a debit card. My mom took my money to pay off tithing for him and she gave me roughly 200$ back. She said she’ll give me the rest back and that she’s still disappointed in me for not paying my tithing. I’m at a loss what to do next.

*Update 3: Doesn’t sound like I’m getting my money back any time soon, both my parents are in a significant amount of debt, my parents fought a lot yesterday apparently. My mom spent almost 10,000$ on stuff for the past month or so. My dad has started making cuts in our budget to fix this, tithing being one of them.

I’m still following through with taking my money and putting it in a place where my parents can’t touch it. Just in case they get any ideas.

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So today was my first day of work. I (hopefully still) work as a hostess at a family restaurant, and I got the job through a classmate I don’t know very well, who assured the manager that I was perfect for the job (ooooooh boy). I walk in, and my trainer goes through the whole routine. At some point he brings me up to the front desk to meet another worker, when they both suddenly get called into the kitchen on their walkie talkies. So now I’m standing alone at the front desk with nothing to do. Minutes pass, and I get tired of gazing around so I start touching things on the desk. An extra clicky pen. A clipboard. Crayons. Then, my hand rests on a large button nested in a clump of wires, just laying on the desk. I examine it, and apparently some primal monkey part of my brain thinks that it’s suitable for clicking, so I start clicking it. I just stand there for about two minutes, clicking the button nonstop. As I hear footsteps approaching I shove my hands in my pockets and pretend that I was looking over my handbook. My trainer tells me that he wants to show me how to clean the bathrooms, so I follow him. As I’m in the bathroom I hear faint sirens, but I think nothing of it (once again, monkey brain). My trainer gets called into the kitchen again, but this time he is instructed to bring the new girl. As we walk into the kitchen I am immediately met with a group of people with confused, disapproving faces, including my manager and about three police officers. My manager then asked me if I pressed the 911 button. My trainer says “I didn’t show it to her yet” and I nod along, still oblivious. So then my manager and the officers take me to the front, where they show me the 911 button. You guessed it, that’s the button I fidgeted with earlier. All I could think of saying was “Oh, yeah, that was me” (I was surrounded by restaurant guests and officers intimidate my monkey brain). When everything calmed down, my manager took me into her office to talk to me. She explained that while I was in the bathroom, the police came and surrounded the whole restaurant. The officers came in through the back, ready to catch a robbery/shooting in action. They thought that we were in imminent danger because they were called 348 times. After we talked, my classmate, the one who got me the job, clocked in. I explained to her what happened and she was angry at first, and now things are very awkward between us. Also, everyone at work things I’m dumb as shit. I don’t really want to come back into work.

EDIT: no, the button was not bright red and it did not say 911 on it.

TL;DR: I took an extra swig of dumb bitch juice and pressed the 911 button at work 348 times, causing the police to come and surround the restaurant. Everyone thinks I’m dumb as shit now.


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